BrightSparks Projects

  • Riverside Festival & BrightSparks Arts In Health Festival 2022

    Riverside Festival & BrightSparks Arts In Health Festival 2022

    • BrightSparks have an Arts in Health Festival as part of the Leicester Riverside Festival. This Year we are again in the Castle Gardens at the Maypole and have a wonderful list of activities and performances to smile the day away!
    • Times: Saturday 4th June and Sunday 5th June 2022
    • Venue: Riverside Festival, Castle Gardens, Leicester
  • Comedy Asylum

    Comedy Asylum

    • Is life taking you too seriously? So you like to Laugh? Then come along and get involved in one of our many Comedy Asylum events!
    • Times: Final Show: 9th Feb 2023, 7pm (SOLD OUT)
    • Venue: The Attenborough Arts Centre, Leicester, LE1 7HA
  • Sounds Inclusive

    Sounds Inclusive

    • A National Lottery funded programme of projects to develop mental health service users as performing musicians and poets.
    • Times: Various
    • Venue: All over Leicester!
  • Annual Open Art Exhibitions

    Annual Open Art Exhibitions

    • This project has been running for ober 20 years and is a massively popular annual event that takes place in mainstream art galleries across the city, and then tours to our own exhibition spaces.
    • Times: Annually - Times vary
    • Venue: Venues Vary
  • The Recreational Hall

    The Recreational Hall

    • "The Rec Hall" -  a fantastic resource provided by the NHS at the bradgate mental health unit. It acts as a place where inpatients and out patients can get together and relax and get creative with arts and music.
    • Times: Various for different ctivities
    • Venue: The Recreational Hall, The Bradgate Unit, Glenfield Hospital, Leicester, LE3 9DZ

More Projects

  • Music at the Mill

    Music at the Mill

    • Evaluation movie of the Music at the Mill, music in health, project delivered at the Mill Lodge mental health unit during 2019. Mill Lodge is a specialist in-patient unit run by Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust for people with a diagnosis of Huntingdon's disease.

    • Times: various
    • Venue: Mill Lodge mental health unit
  • The BrightSparks Film & Poem

    The BrightSparks Film & Poem

    • The BrightSparks Film:  A poetic movie montage of the brightsparks group, the things we do and why it is so brilliant!
    • Times: Film Launch was 30th November 2018
    • Venue: Attenborough Arts Centre
  • Riverside and Weston Park Events

    Riverside and Weston Park Events

    • See the summary and evaluation video for the Smoothie and Fosse Misic Gigs at Riverside and Western Park Festival in Spring/ Summer 2018.
    • Times: Spring/Summer 2018
    • Venue: Riverside and Western Park Festivals
  • Comedy Asylum Sings

    Comedy Asylum Sings

    • Matt, Kirsty and our Musician Michael took us on an 8 week series of workshops in comedy singing and songwriting! We loved it!

      Video and Photos from Woody & Helen Rowe
    • Times: September - October 2018
    • Venue: The Exchange bar, Leicester
Over the many years that BrightSparks has been running, Tim, Lydia and the many others that have supported them, have delivered a huge number of projects both within the NHS and in partnership with other organisations.

The projects outlined on these pages are some of the more recent, and a selection from the past!