Projects during Covid19

  • Every Brilliant thing

    Every Brilliant thing

    • During these difficult times LPT, WORD! & BrightSparks will be inviting people to compile artworks, creative writing, music, comedy, and anything else artistic.

      Once things have settled down then we will arise, collect everything, and display, publish, perform, and record for the world to enjoy. We’re all in this together, so this project is open to all.
    • Times: Every Week
    • Venue: Online (at the moment)
  • Comedy Asylum Facebook Group

    Comedy Asylum Facebook Group

    • Is life taking you too seriously? So you like to Laugh? Then Login and join us in our silly and amusing posts on Facebook!
    • Times: 24/7
    • Venue: Facebook
  • WORD! Online series

    WORD! Online series

    • During these difficult times we at WORD! are continuing to work with our partners at the Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust & BrightSparks to support people's wellbeing. Upload your work responding to each week's theme.
    • Times: 24/7
    • Venue: Online
  • Remote Art

    Remote Art

    • Remote Art is the collection of BrightSparks events and activities - online and in the real - held during lockdown to help mitigate the effects that isolation can have on welbeing.
    • Times: Many
    • Venue: online and in the real

BrightSparks Projects

  • Comedy Asylum

    Comedy Asylum

    • Is life taking you too seriously? So you like to Laugh? Then come along and get involved in one of our many Comedy Asylum events!
    • Times: Feb 8th 2019 - show at 7:30pm
    • Venue: The Attenborough Arts Centre, Leicester, LE1 7HA
  • Sounds Inclusive

    Sounds Inclusive

    • A National Lottery funded programme of projects to develop mental health service users as performing musicians and poets.
    • Times: Various
    • Venue: All over Leicester!
  • Annual Open Art Exhibitions

    Annual Open Art Exhibitions

    • This project is nearing its 20th Year of running and is a massively poular annual event that takes place in mainstram art galleries across the city, and then tours to our own exhibition spaces.
    • Times: Annually - Times vary
    • Venue: Venues Vary
  • The Recreational Hall

    The Recreational Hall

    • "The Rec Hall" -  a fantastic resource provided by the NHS at the bradgate mental health unit. It acts as a place where inpatients and out patients can get together and relax and get creative with arts and music.
    • Times: Various for different ctivities
    • Venue: The Recreational Hall, The Bradgate Unit, Glenfield Hospital, Leicester, LE3 9DZ
Over the many years that BrightSparks has been running, Tim, Lydia and the many others that have supported them, have delivered a huge number of projects both within the NHS and in partnership with other organisations.

The projects outlined on these pages are some of the more recent, and a selection from the past!