• The Comedy Asylum

    The Comedy Asylum

    • Since 2007 the Comedy Asylum has been a unique platform for people with mental health conditions to develop and showcase their comedic abilities. This book is a collection of some of our favourite material.
  • Every Brilliant Thing

    Every Brilliant Thing

    • The ‘Every Brilliant Thing’ collection presents at least one piece of visual art or creative writing from everybody who contributed to the Every Brilliant Thing project.
  • Self-Love Anthology

    Self-Love Anthology

    • Members of the ArtSpace Arts Group and The Showcase Writer’s Collective worked with participatory artists Emily Crosby and Lucy Ovenall to create this wonderful collection of visual arts and corresponding creative writing.

  • Word Round: Poems from Psych Wards

    Word Round: Poems from Psych Wards

    • Over two years, stand-up poet Rob Gee went into inpatient mental health settings around Nottingham, Northampton, Kettering and Leicester. He would compose poetry on a flip chart, while people contributed ideas, jokes, lines and rhymes. This book is a selection of those poems.

  • Arts in Mental Health co-ordinator Report June 2020

    Arts in Mental Health co-ordinator Report June 2020

    • The Arts in Mental Health Co-ordinators at Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust, Tim Sayers and Lydia Towsey, have been in post since 2007. The post was initially an Arts Council England funded pilot, but following the overwhelming success of the pilot the co- ordinators have now been firmly established within the Trust for a number of years.
  • Cultural Mosaics - DVD & Book

    Cultural Mosaics - DVD & Book

    • From cultures of love and friendship...to place and time...belief, politics, stories, names and more. Rarely does one come across such a rich array of identities, viewpoints and cultures, combined to create a mosaic - beautiful, thought-provoking and of many pieces and pages.
  • A Visitor Calls

    A Visitor Calls

    • A Visitor Calls - by Bradgate Writers Group - From travel, love and memory – to visitations, from the cob van calling to sell us our sarnies and samosas, to imaginary characters, strangers, friends and more... we hope you enjoy reading and looking at the work we’ve created, as much as we’ve enjoyed making it.
  • Poems to see before you die

    Poems to see before you die

    • Wit and Wisdom from the Showcase Smoothie Collective. The final instalment of the 'Poems Before You Die' trilogy, bought to you by the 'Showcase Collective'.