• Times: Film Launch was 30th November 2018
  • Venue: Attenborough Arts Centre
  • The BrightSparks Film:  A poetic movie montage of the brightsparks group, the things we do and why it is so brilliant!

    Produced over the Spring and summer months in 2018 with the brightsparks group members and:

    Woody Kitson & Helen Rowe (Film, photography)     Rob Gee (Poet)
  • The Premier of "We are bright sparks" was an evening at Attenborough Arts Centre where we launched the website and also showed the film "crazywise".

    CRAZYWISE, an internationally acclaimed film, introduces mental health professionals and psychiatric survivors who see a psychological crisis as a potential growth experience, not a disease with no cure.

    What if a psychological crisis was seen as having the potential to be a positive transformative experience, instead of a “broken brain”? Human-rights photographer and filmmaker Phil Borges spent 25 years documenting different attitudes to mental illness all over the world.

    The world cafe discussions, organised by Alice Simon of De Montfort University, sparked some interesting talks and ideas on Mental Health - the notes are being collated by Alice and keep an eye out for more information on this!

    Visit the crazywise website