• Cultural Mosaics - DVD & Book

    Cultural Mosaics - DVD & Book

    • From cultures of love and friendship...to place and time...belief, politics, stories, names and more. Rarely does one come across such a rich array of identities, viewpoints and cultures, combined to create a mosaic - beautiful, thought-provoking and of many pieces and pages.
  • A Visitor Calls

    A Visitor Calls

    • A Visitor Calls - by Bradgate Writers Group - From travel, love and memory – to visitations, from the cob van calling to sell us our sarnies and samosas, to imaginary characters, strangers, friends and more... we hope you enjoy reading and looking at the work we’ve created, as much as we’ve enjoyed making it.
  • Poems to see before you die

    Poems to see before you die

    • Wit and Wisdom from the Showcase Smoothie Collective. The final instalment of the 'Poems Before You Die' trilogy, bought to you by the 'Showcase Collective'.